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Fitted Wardrobe Interiors

Choose Your Fitted Wardrobe Interior.


All our fitted wardrobe interiors are truly made to measure – they can be built to any height, width and depth the perfect storage solutions for sliding wardrobes.

We offer a choice of 3 fitted wardrobe interior styles.

Standard Wardrobe Interiors – Front-framed wardrobes, which leave the internal walls and ceilings exposed.

Standard Wardrobe Interior

  • 18mm Internal Partitions and shelves In A Wide Choice Of Egger Colours
  • All Edges Finished With Matching 1mm Pvc
  • Rigid Assembly System
  • Soft Close Drawer Runners Complete With Matching MFC Drawer
  • Robes Are 600mm Deep (As Standard)
  • Top Boxes Are 600mm Deep (As Standard)

Fully Carcassed Wardrobe Interior – they are not just fronts – all have backs, floors, ceilings and sides –

not just a framework.


Fully Fitted Wardrobe Interior Leicester

  • 18mm Carcasses In A Wide Choice Of Egger Colours
  • 18mm Solid Backs To All Units
  • All Edges Finished With Matching 1mm Pvc
  • Rigid Assembly System
  • Soft Close Drawer Runners Complete With Matching MFC Drawer
  • Robes Are 600mm Deep (As Standard)
  • Top Boxes Are 600mm Deep (As Standard)
  • 100mm Adjustable Legs

Pole System Sliding Wardrobe Interiors – which leave the internal walls, floor and ceiling exposed.

  • Pole System  Fitted Wardrobe InteriorMatt aluminium frame (30mm diameter),Aluminium hanging rails (30mm diameter),Colour matched connectors and brackets,
    Rails are up to 1100mm long and can be cut to size if required.

All our fitted wardrobe interiors are designed to meet YOUR needs – you can have whatever you want – all inclusive in the price.

Him and Her Fitted Wardrobe Interiors.


His and Her Fitted Wardrobes Interiors Leicestershire

  1. Hanging space for skirts
  2. Pull out shoe rails for her
  3. Soft close drawers for underwear
  4. Hanging space for shirts & blouses
  5. Pull out trouser rail for him
  6. Hanging rail for jackets & shirts

This is a discrete solution to a messy problem! If your man is the man in your wardrobe, you will welcome this kind of wardrobe interior. This is where the made to measure fitted wardrobe interior really comes into its own, with your storage requirements being designed, not compromised. All of the essential elements are here: space for long dresses, skirts, blouses and tops; a location for jackets, trousers and shirts, for ties and belts; a place for handbags and hats, room for shoes, space for folded items. And drawers for whatever you like to keep in drawers. From space comes harmony!


Shared Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe Interior.

Shared Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe Interior Leicester

  1. Shelves for folded storage
  2. Wire baskets – see contents at a glance
  3. Shared hanging space
  4. Long hanging space for coats & jackets
  5. Drawers for socks and underwear

Sharing a bedroom can be tough, so if you want to avoid constant battles over wardrobe space, this is the answer for you. This ‘shared bedroom’ design makes the most of the space available to incorporate double clothes and shoes. Now, if you’re the same size, you’ve effectively doubled your wardrobe, but if not, make sure you have equal amounts of room to grow your separate wardrobes. Maximise the space with pull out racks, trouser rails, shelving and of course plenty of hanging room.


Kids Sliding Fitted Wardrobe Interior.


Kids Sliding  Fitted Wardrobe Interior Leicester

  1. Shelves for toys & board games
  2. Pull out wire baskets – easy to see the contents
  3. Extra space for large toys
  4. Shelves for clothesPull down rail
  5. Low shelves – easy to reach

The Leicester Kitchen Co have the answer to keeping your kids’ bedroom tidy. This fitted wardrobe interior is designed for storing children’s belongings. As usual for all our fitted wardrobes, this interior is designed with functionality in mind. There’s plenty of storage space for your kids’ toys, games, books, sports equipment and lots of low level, easy-to-reach shelves to ensure their clothes or toys will never end up on the floor again. The wardrobe will grow with your child too as the interior was designed for folded clothes as well as a clothes rail for school blazers or party dresses. Of course, you can design the wardrobe interior to your exact specification to ensure maximum storage for your child’s belongings.


The Perfect Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Interior For Her.


The Perfect Sliding Wardrobe Interior For Her Leicester

  1. Rail – for belts or scarves
  2. Wire baskets – can easily see the contents
  3. Shoe rails
  4. Shelves for handbags and clothes
  5. Long hanging space for dresses

This wardrobe interior offers the perfect storage solution for women’s belongings. It is designed to accommodate folded and hung items of clothing. The long hanging is ideal for formal dresses and there’s short hanging which will house short party dresses. Included in the wardrobe interior are drawers for underwear, nightwear and hosiery. There are some wire baskets and shelves for jumpers, tops, jeans and trousers. We have included short hanging for blouses, cardigans and shirts and racks which are an ideal way of storing belts, jewellery and scarves. For the harder to reach storage area within the wardrobe we recommend storing suitcases. And no women’s wardrobe is complete without an area for handbag and shoe storage. These shoe racks will keep shoes neat and tidy.


The Perfect Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Interior For Him.


The Perfect Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Interior For Him.

  1. Soft close drawers
  2. Shelves for clothes or books
  3. Long hanging space for coats
  4. Shoe shelves
  5. Lots of space for hanging shirts
  6. Pull out tie and belt rails

This fitted wardrobe interior was designed with the man of the house in mind. Inside the wardrobe there is double hanging which is the perfect storage solution for a man with lots of shirts – double hanging allows you to store twice the amount of clothes in a wardrobe and is a clever use of storage space. There’s a tie rack and a belt rack too. And for the man who is fussy about creases in his trousers, there’s long hanging to ensure wrinkle free trousers. The shoe shelves are perfectly positioned at the bottom of the long hanging area within the wardrobe. There are lots of “pigeon-hole” shelves which are the perfect way of storing jumpers and t-shirts and we have added in drawers in the wardrobe for storing underwear and socks. Most of men’s clothes tend to be folded, so these shelves have been positioned accordingly. The shelves at the top of the wardrobe are ideal for storing items not needed that often like photo albums, paperwork, books etc.


Sliding Wardrobe Interiors For Disabled People.


Sliding Wardrobe Interior For Disabled People in Leicester

  1. Low shelves for easy access
  2. Low, soft-close drawers
  3. Wire baskets – see clothes at a glance
  4. Low tie rack & trouser rail
  5. Pull down rail at accessible height
  6. Pull out shoe rail

Unlike most fitted wardrobe companies, The Leicester Kitchen Co do not use standard sizes of units – our wardrobes are tailor-made. We design and build our fitted sliding wardrobes to match your individual requirements. We build the wardrobe interior to suit you This wardrobe interior takes into consideration the requirements of a wheelchair user or those with specific height requirements. We planned for easy access with pull down clothes rails which utilised the space in the hard to reach wardrobe area. In the lower wardrobe area we adapted the height of the shelves, drawers, shoe racks, trouser rack and tie rack to ensure easy access.


For further information on sliding wardrobes and wardrobe interiors or to book your free home design visit call 07966 716284 or simply use our Contact Form.