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Looking for a Eco Friendly Kitchen?

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Eco Friendly Kitchen Design and Installation in Leicester.

Less is More.

Sustainability has always been one of Puustelli’s top priorities, and striving for tomorrow is a never-ending process,

Puustelli Miinus is a new kitchen range available from The Leicester Kitchen Co. that is best in class when it comes to the environment.

It is named after the principle of subtracting, which was the driving force behind the development process which led to the Miinus kitchen. Puustelli removed and reduced. Subtracting became their operational model that defines the manufacturing of ecological kitchens.


The Miinus kitchen is a humble nod to nature, as each of its constituent parts has been examined and approved for the collection only after undergoing carbon footprint calculations and indoor pollution tests.

The development process took several years during which each production process and life cycle of the materials – including their sources and recycling – was closely examined.


The materials used in Miinus kitchens are as eco-friendly as possible and do not contain anything that cannot be recycled.

The timber is sourced from certified forests and they only use natural oils and water based varnishes and stains.

The adhesives they us do NOT contain formaldehyde. However, as they could not find an ecological alternative for every product they also developed something completely new.


For further information on green, eco-friendly kitchens in Leicester please call Mark on 07966 716284 or 0116 3674957 . The Leicester Kitchen Co.  designs, supplies and installs eco  friendly  kitchens throughout the East & West Midlands.

Eco friendly kitchens Leicester


The Leap.

Years of research and development resulted in a groundbreaking innovation: the completely recyclable Miinus frame made from environmentally friendly biocomposite. The material is safe, odour-less, recyclable and so durable that there is a 30 year guarantee.


The frames are manufactured in one piece by die casting and have holes for assembling and installing drawers, hinges, mechanisms and panels.

The framework material has been tested and can withstand substantial temperature fluctuations and immersion.

Thanks to their durable structures, these pieces of furniture can be dismantled, relocated and reinstalled multiple kitchen frame


The biocomposite framework is an innovation in the world furniture industry, so an application for a PCT patent has been submitted for the unique frame solution.


Thanks to the lighter materials and having reduced the amount of materials used in conventional fitted kitchens by half, the carbon footprint of a Miinus kitchen has been reduced by nearly half.

The lighter materials have also reduced the fuel costs generated by transporting the goods.


The Miinus eco-friendly kitchen is clearly better!

Miinus eco-friendly kitchen Leicester

You can download the Miinus eco friendly kitchen catalogue HERE


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