Sliding Wardrobe Doors-Glenfield, Leicester

Sliding Door Wardrobes fitted in Glenfield, Leicester.

After 20 years living in their three-bedroom house in Glenfield, their master bedroom was in desperate need of an update, it was time to improve for Gill and Richard Gooding.

Gill and Richard’s brief was to incorporate some clever bedroom storage solutions to enhance their interior storage space and create a fresh, new streamlined feel.

What were you trying to achieve?

“We hadn’t decorated for years and knew we needed to do some serious reorganising and de-cluttering to get our bedroom feeling fresh again as we just hadn’t had time to concentrate on any improvements until now, it felt like the right time to carry out some major redecorating!

We decided to concentrate on our bedroom which was in desperate need of a new look. The bedroom was a challenge to get anything to fit properly and it had some appalling looking flat pack bedroom furniture . It just had to go! We gutted the entire room so we could start afresh.

We wanted to create a look with cleaner, crisper lines that were designed and built for a purpose and would stand the test of time. We found the all the answers to our problems with The Leicester Kitchen Co.”

How did you make your choices?

“Because of the size of the project, we knew we’d need some professional help, so we search the internet to look for inspiration and expert advice. The challenge was to find a local company which could build something that would fit the space and cater for our needs. We wanted a fitted storage solution, which was good-looking, practical and ensured that our clothes and accessories were hidden out of sight, but within easy reach.

We also wanted a sliding wardrobe door design that ran the entire length of one wall and halfway down a second wall.

We had a look at The Leicester Kitchen Co’s website and found exactly what we were looking for – sliding wardrobe doors with a wood and coloured glass finish and beautifully elegant brushed-aluminium vertical handles.

We rang Mark and told him what we were looking for and booked an appointment for him to come and visit us straight away. He measured up our bedroom and instantly helped us visualise the look using his3D computer programme. We were impressed by what we saw. We loved the look . Mark even gave us a sample of the door to help us find the paint and wallpaper for our bedroom to match our new sliding wardrobe doors.”
Did your experience of The Leicester Kitchen Co meet your expectations?

“Not only do we have a great-looking bedroom with spacious storage solutions – sleek, sliding-door panels – that neatly houses our clothes, shoes, bedlinen and towels, but clever storage built in.”

Would you recommend The Leicester Kitchen Co to your friends and Family? 

“Definitely. It was a very smooth operation and everyone at The Leicester Kitchen Co was really helpful. While we were preparing the room for our new sliding door wardrobes to be fitted, Mark came round to check everything was in order – just to make sure the plasterer and electrician knew where the cabling needed to go.. Dave the fitter was very tidy and extremely helpful too. We’re going to tackle the kitchen next, so we’ll be making another appointment with Mark soon.”

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For further information about sliding wardrobe doors in Glenfield and throughout Leicester and Leicestershire call Mark at The Leicester Kitchen Co on 07966716284 or use the our contact form here.


Gill and Richard Gooding